Welcome to The Largest Highway Outlet Shopping Center in Europe

Parkshop Outlet is the firsh shopping mall in Turkey which has opposite located twin buildings on TEM highway with a 24 hour open food court.Parshop Outlet is Europe’s biggest highway outlet shopping center with its location, positioning and planning. The underpass enables vehicle transport between the two buildings.

Web ring shopping to the highway

Parkshop Outlet is on TEM highway which has a vehicle traffic of 95.000-120.000 per day and located in a special area of 1.000.000 population with the surrounding districts. You will discover Parshop Outlet privilidges over and over everytime you visit – unigue position, 150.000 m² of outdoors, 30.000 m² indoors, 15.000 m² of accretion area, twin buildins facing opposite across the highway.

With a visitor number of 19.000 in weekdays and 35.000 on weekends, Parshop Outlet welcomes you as a different World with its architectural elegance and modernity. Being one of the majör examples of upstate outlet centers in the World, service with high guality standartts and uppermost level of customer satisfaction is aimed at Parkshop Outlet. High level comfort is caming true.

Shopping joy with lost of advantages at Parkshop Outlet

You will find infinite options of exclusive brands suitable for every budget in Parkshop Outlet. An alegant journey is eaiting for you in our shops if you want to enjoy stopover with some fun shopping. You will enjoy shopping with lost of advantages and lost ofoptions at Parkshop Outlet. Make the most of limitless joy of a pleasant shopping, special prices at Parkshop Outlet.

She prefers shopping, you prefer some delicious break?

Parshop Outlet turns your sahopping break into a fast with the delicious choices of food court.Parkshop Outlet is the meeting point of travelers looking for varied flavors.          
Lunch or dinner wiht fast food or local cousine options…

Coffee breaks famous for bringing aroma and warmth to friendly chats…

Beging the day with the unbreakable duo-bagel and tea and keeping on with the trip…

A prestigious choice

Along with offering plasant delicious stopovers to its visirors, Parkshop Outlet achieved a first by  bringing Varan and Ulusoy travel companies together under its roof and also offereing service to Pamukkale Travel and Turkey’s leading tour operators and travel agencies. Parkshop Outlet is at tha same location with İsmailoğulları Facility-reststop for over 500 couch a day, one of the majör spots for good food in the ares-İsmail’s Place and Alpet gas station.

Your trips will become more amusing with a stopover at Parkshop Outlet full od delicious moments. All you have to think is which one to choose.

Local Delights

Parkshop Outlet is also offering the best of spesical local food and delights in the Local Bazaar including  organic food.You can either choose from the delicious and healthy local products for yourself or you can buy them as a gift to your loved ones. Chocolate to chease,spices to sweets, a large variety of local delights is waiting for you at Parkshop Outlet.

We bring the business to your trips

The VIP room designed for businessman and government officers at Parkshop brings the business into your trips.Offering a first time service in Turkey with fully eguipped VIP room suitable for the specific visitor type of the highway between İstanbul and Ankara.

You will benefit from traveling without breaking off from your Office with Wireless internet connection, fax, lounge, meeting room, food service, car rental and vale service in the high comfort atmosphere of the VIP room.

A different World of elegange, contemporary and hygiene

You Will exprience upmost level comfort in Parkshop Outlet that is established with the intention of serving at international guality standarts and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Ever detail is considered for your pleasure along with maintaining hygiene and meeting all the needs in the communal areas. You will feel like you are experiencing 5 satar hotel comfort with LCD toothpaste, make up rooms and many other amenities in the toilettes.

Evertyhing you need is at Parshop Outlet

Parkshop Outlet serving its guests with private areas of usage along with communal areas like food court and shops.Masjid for visitors who wants to fulfill  their sacred duties, infirmary and bayb diaper room is also available in Parkshop.

Investors Identity

Ivnestor : Kavukcu Grup
Constructor : Kavukcu Yapı San. Turizm ve İnş. Tic.Ltd.Şti

Project partners : İsmailoğulları – Taytem – Kavukcu Grup

Land area m² : 150.000

Accretion ares m² : 15.000

Rentable area m² : 23.500

Indoor area m² : 30.000

Number of Shops : 124

PARKSHOP Outlet Center - Tem Otoyolu 157.Km Hamitli Mevkii
Hendek - SAKARYA | +90 264 615 26 30 |
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